Custom Heart Shaped Acrylic Photo Frame/Acrylic Magnetic Heart Shape Picture Frame

Easy pull-apart clear acrylic magnetic backing to insert your photo, 100% custom hand-made!

Product Details

Easy pull-apart clear acrylic magnetic backing to insert your photo


Custom?! Yes, 100% custom hand-made! Use any size photo or artwork and let us create the perfect frame for you!


offers an incredibly modern and brilliant display that no other presentation can match.  There are few companies in the world who do it and do it well.

 No Direct Printing On Acrylic

We use the superior face mount method where your photo is printed to high grade paper then face mounted for superior vibrancy and a full color gamut.

The technique of face mounting behind acrylic involves using a clear silicone glue to create an airtight bond, fixing the photographic print’s front side to the back of the acrylic sheet, thus eliminating any light reflections between the photograph and the glazing of an ordinary frame. 

Perfection Hand Polished edges,Up-grade to our beautiful platinum hand polished edges , which are available on all of our acrylic products


Why Should I Choose Acrylic/Perspex Face Mounting?

Acrylic/Perspex Face Mounting is a contemporary mounting solution that enhances the color of your work and provides a flawless high-gloss finish. Acrylic Face Mounting is a popular choice for those looking to present a finished piece without a frame. Because the print is sandwiched between the acrylic and the back using a permanently elastic 100% clear silicone glue, acrylic face mounting provides the additional benefit of no light reflections between the photographs and the glazing of an ordinary frame.

The subframe on the back of each acrylic face mount provides a visible space between the mounted work and the wall – lending another presence to your photographs or artwork.

Acrylic/Perspex face mounting; exceptional quality, precise and contemporary finishing.

Direct to Acrylic/Perspex sheet Printing:

We are also able to print your images or artwork direct to Acrylic/Perspex sheet using our Direct to Media printing service. Printing direct to a substrate can often be quicker as it removes the need for a photographic print and is a popular choice for those looking to explore new creative possibilities. Acrylic/Perspex is just one of the hundreds of substrates we can print on to – find out more about our Direct to Media UV Printing here.


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